Gum disease is a very common problem in the United States. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reports that about 47% of adults over 30 years of age suffer from some form of gum disease. If left untreated, gum disease can lead to infection, inflammation, and tooth loss.

Thankfully, the early stages of gum disease can be reversed. At Kevin Spees Dentistry, we offer a variety of professional treatment options to prevent, stop, and reverse gum disease.

What is periodontal therapy?

Periodontal therapy is the process of treating gum disease. When plaque and tartar build-up around the gum line, they provide places for bacteria to live and spread. These types of bacteria infect the gums and tissues around the teeth, leading to swelling and bleeding.

Early stages of gum disease are referred to as gingivitis. A large percentage of US adults have some form of gingivitis. If this condition is left untreated, it could worsen and lead to periodontitis. When this happens, pockets begin to form between the teeth, and the infection will start to affect your tooth's structure and supporting bone. This may result in gum recession, tooth loss, and bone loss. Bone loss is, unfortunately, not reversible.

Periodontal therapy involves removing the infectious material and build-up to allow the gums to begin healing.

What are the symptoms of gum disease?

There are a variety of symptoms associated with gum disease, including:

  • Change in bite
  • Loose teeth
  • Tooth loss
  • Gum tenderness and swelling
  • Gums that bleed easily
  • Receding gum line
  • Chronic bad breath
  • Sores in the mouth that do not go away

If you are suffering from any or all of these symptoms, call one of our two convenient offices to schedule a consultation. The sooner gum disease is caught, the easier it will be to treat.

How is gum disease treated?

At Kevin Spees Dentistry, we usually recommend bi-yearly dental visits and cleanings. During your routine cleaning, one of our skilled dental hygienists will clean your teeth and remove any built-up plaque and tartar. This regular cleaning, combined with twice-daily brushing and nightly flossing will help to prevent the progression of gum disease.

During your visit or consultation, your hygienist will check carefully for any signs of infection. For a minor infection such as gingivitis, a scaling treatment may be necessary to remove plaque and tartar from below the gum line. This procedure is a more intense cleaning than a bi-annual cleaning.

For deeper infections, Dr. Spees may recommend a root planing treatment. This procedure involves smoothing the root surfaces to eliminate any infected tissue below the gum and around the tooth root. Dr. Spees and his team use advanced techniques and laser technology to perform root planing treatments. Advanced laser technology allows our skilled team to treat and sterilize periodontal pockets simultaneously.

A variety of dental sedation options are available upon request to ensure your visit is comfortable and stress-free.

To learn more about periodontal treatments and gum disease, contact one of our two convenient locations to speak with a member of our team. Our Zionsville office can be reached at 317-873-2206, and our Lebanon office can be reached at 765-482-6672. We are happy to answer any of your questions or schedule a consultation!

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